• Nick Butcher

Graphic artist Nick Butcher—half of the superb art studio Sonnenzimmer, with girlfriend and former Reader employee Nadine Nakanishi—has spent 2011 working on an album due early next year called Free Jazz Bitmaps Vol. 1 (Hometapes). Every two months he’s released a lathe-cut seven-inch single (in an edition of ten copies), and the six A sides of those singles will turn up on the album in slightly different forms. “I consider the music from the seven-inch series to be ‘sketches’ in some ways,” Butcher explains in an e-mail. “The final tracks for the LP will differ slightly.” As the year has progressed he’s enlisted a number of the city’s best improvisers to record their own “reinterpretations” of those six pieces, which will fill the other half of the album.