I’ve been listening to the Bowerbirds’ Hymns For a Dark Horse for going on a couple years now, and I still love it (they’re headlining Schubas tonight at the reasonable price of $10). I think John Darnielle first turned me on to them: “Listening to the album tonight, I wish I had put the case even more strongly; only once every ten years or so does one hear a new band this good, this bursting with ideas, this audibly in love with music…. The points at which the three members sing in unison like some cult who really have discovered the secrets of the universe. It is beyond stunning. This band is the complete package.”

If you like Sufjan Stevens, give them a shot. I’d start with “Bur Oak” or “Human Hands.”

Also of note at Schubas: Rodriguez headlines this Friday. His 1969 psych-rock cult classic Cold Fact did nothing in the US, but remarkably found a devoted audience in South Africa, and an Internet hunt by devoted fans found him working as a laborer in his hometown of Detroit; it’s a pretty amazing story. you can hear a couple tracks at NPR.

Update: Unrelated, except for it’s music and it’s good: Free Prefuse 73 mix (via)