On New Year’s Day the restaurant delivery search engine GrubHub is offering an intriguing if troubling pizza delivery option. Beginning at midnight on January 1, the “New Year’s Eve Drunk Special and New Year’s Day Hangover Cure” will allow customers to plug an address, number of pizzas, and desired toppings into the GrubHub database and, in a HAL-like usurpation of human sovereignty, the service will automatically dispatch the order to the highest-rated and closest (therefore fastest, supposedly) pizzeria in the area. I checked out my delivery options in and around Albany Park and figure there’s a strong possibility GrubHub would route my order to Noli’s, given its proximity and the five stars a single GrubHub user bestowed on the Albanian pizzeria. Now, I wouldn’t throw away a Noli’s pie, but I can’t imagine a scenario in which I’d let myself get so steampigged as to drunk dial one for delivery. Not over the unrated Marie’s anyway. Thankfully, an organic lifeform representing GrubHub says the option of personal choice will still be available.