There’s been much discussion on the Sexist lately about how girl-on-girl sexism operates through pop stars trading catty insults about other women [Exhibit A, Exhibit B]. Now that the copious woman-on-woman violence in MTV’s Jersey Shore has reignited the popular imagination over so-called “catfighting,” it’s time to turn our attention to lyrical girl fights of the stick-and-stone variety. And the bottle variety. And the knife variety. And the strand-by-strand hair-pulling variety.

Women physically attacking other women is immoral, illegal, and wildly popular. Conventional wisdom suggests that the popular obsession with catfighting is inspired by women fighting over dudes—and persists in order to arouse dudes. As these songs devoted to female aggression demonstrate, the catfight narrative actually accesses a variety of triggers that often have nothing to do with men. Case in point: On Jersey Shore last week, cast member J-WOWW attacked a woman at the club because she called fellow Guidette Snookie “fat.” (When J-WOWW is involved, apparently, words can hurt you). Seven anthems about girl-fighting—and the justification offered up for the outbursts therein—after the jump.