Hey Top Chef fans: Season Four is poised to start filming here in Chicago, per technical coordinator (and former almost-Top-Chef) Lee Anne Wong and the Stew. Though judging from the report of this eagle-eyed LTHer, who spotted former contestants Marcel, Sandi, Josie, and Tiffani waiting for a table at Frontera Grill last week in full TV makeup, the cameras appear to be rolling. In this instance, however, it sounds like the chefs were just trying to get lunch, not judge some huitlacoche challenge.

No word on the Bravo site yet as to when Top Chef 4 will air. It’ll  be great if they can truly mine the culinary range of the city (south-side v. west-side BBQ challenge!) but I fear a stuffed pizza Elimination and a make-your-own Chicago dog Quickfire. Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll set the cheftestants loose in the kitchen of Moto with the laser?

What Chicago-inspired challenges do you think would do us proud?