A coalition of civil rights groups just published a report calling the city’s years-long investigation into police torture in the CPD a whitewash that let almost everyone off the hook, including the current mayor. Michael Miner came to the same conclusion last year. The Trib gives a brief rundown of the case, and Rob Warden of the Center For Wrongful Convictions even goes so far as to give a sketch of Daley’s involvement.

If a sketch isn’t quite enough, the Reader‘s got almost two decades worth of coverage for you, free and conveniently organized from our first story in 1990 through 2007.  I recommend starting with our 2006 Who’s Who, a comprehensive detailing of all the scandal’s major players.

NB: The article in John Conroy’s years of coverage that I personally find most compelling, as someone whose generation will be defined by the Iraq War, is the piece that convincingly argues Jon Burge may have learned to use electroshock as an interrogation method in Vietnam. Given the reports of military torture in Iraq, the thought of similar repercussions down the road is chilling.