• ShadowJester07
  • The lion in front of the Art Institute is ready—are you?

Today’s Labor Day, which means that summer is coming to a close. The leaves change color, the birds head south, and off in the distance, one hears the sweet sounds of autumn in this rousing tune:

Welcome to the party, all my rowdy friends,
A Monday night bash on ESPN!
The game of the week, is about to ignite
Time to kick it off under the lights
The pressure is rising, strap in and hold tight
We’re gonna blow the roof off this place tonight
C’mon and get ready
I mean really ready
Are you ready for some football?

Well, are you? Because for this week’s Variations on a Theme, Reader staff will be writing about all things football (the North American kind, that is). So pull up a Barcalounger, crack open a beer, and sit back while you . . . read a bunch of blog posts on the Internet.

And in case you missed it, here’s Back to School Week, last week’s Variations on a Theme.