Not to completely blow anyone’s mind, but:

From last week’s LA Weekly profile on dubstep producer Rusko:

He has produced songs for Rihanna and rapper T.I., and has begun work on a Britney Spears record with megaproducer and South Rakkas Crew label head Alex Greggs.

And from my List capsule back in December:

Rusko is better positioned to break out than anyone else in dubstep right now—he keeps the good parts but doses them with happy, ravey synths, creating candy-coated tracks like ‘Kumon Kumon’ that are almost begging for a Britney vocal.

If this turns out to be the first glimmer of some latent psychic powers rather than a somewhat educated guess about a producer’s career path, I’ll let you know. Just as soon as I buy my Powerball ticket.