The business-based Civic Federation (PDF) on Illinois state legislators’ ongoing carnival of errors:

“The state has provided short-term funding at the last minute to ward off ‘doomsday’ dates the CTA responsibly planned for…. The reprieves first borrowed from the agency’s future state funding and then granted federal capital dollars to be used for operations.”

Better than nothing, right? Wrong:

“Granting temporary funding at the eleventh hour is not only unfair to riders, who suffer uncertainty about getting to work and school, but also costs a good deal of money to the CTA. The agency has to reprogram its fleet and stations in preparation for new fare structures, reorganize its bus system, and place signage to warn riders. The CTA estimates that each ‘doomsday’ preparation costs $1.5 million.”

BTW, “a new bus costs $250,000 and a new rail car costs $1.5 million.”

(The Federation supports Julie Hamos’s Senate Bill 572, which combines long-term funding and reforms.)