You know how for some people things never seem to go right, even when they’re going great? Like for instance Gucci Mane has spent the past year and a half becoming one the most recognizable and bankable new faces in hip-hop, largely on the strength of his mix tapes, which I reviewed for the Reader here. But during the same stretch he’s done prison time for probation violations and gotten arrested for a long list of traffic violations after being pepper sprayed by cops while engaged in a verbal altercation with a man in an Atlanta parking lot. Obviously fame and money don’t necessarily make for smooth sailing aboard the S.S. Gucci Mane.

Now his lawyers have filed a plea of mental incompetency in another probation-violation case, and Mane is being sent to a psychiatric and chemical-dependency hospital in Atlanta for court-ordered tests. It’s possible that the plea is a gambit on the part of Gucci’s legal team, but the situation’s obviously getting desperate if someone working in one of the most image-conscious industries in the world is willing to set foot in a psych hospital. I’m sure Gucci’s rivals in the rap world are just pissing themselves with glee. At least maybe he’ll get a good Behind the Music out of this.