• Joe Carsello
  • Shapers

Four years ago local experimental-rock outfit Shapers self-released their debut full-length, Little, Big, and tonight they’re headlining the Burlington to celebrate the release of their follow-up, Pierce Islands. They spent two years working on the sprawling, immersive double LP. Fittingly, Shapers also made a film to go with the album—the band’s newest member, Matt Weber, wrote, directed, and edited the Pierce Islands picture.

Shapers premiered their movie back in May as part of the annual Chicago International Movies & Music Fest, and they’re going to screen it again sometime in the fall. The engaging music on Pierce Islands should hold you over until then—the cosmic quasi-tribal vibe of “Smurf Rave Party Nextdoor” has sucked me in lately. Take a listen to Pierce Islands below and watch the trailer for the film to prepare for tonight’s show; Touched By Ghoul and Get Off The Cross open.