Some worthwhile stuff floating around the good old Interweb . . .

  • Destination: Out: MP3s of classic free jazz cuts with some passionate commentary. It’s a good spot for newbies; recent offerings include Lester Bowie, Sun Ra, and Cecil Taylor.

  • Greenleaf Music: The site for trumpeter Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf label also has an interesting blog. Douglas is not only an incredible musician, but a deep thinker, and of late he’s been discussing the need for a thorough, unbiased history of serious contemporary music: “The history that needs to be told includes all sorts of music from all sorts of traditions: contemporary classical, music from non-U.S. of A. parts of the world, electric music, pop, blues, country, pure improvisation and purely imaginary traditions.”

  • PostClassic: Contemporary-classical writer Kyle Gann offers some thoughts on the recent death of composer James Tenney.