If you’ve ever seen someone screw something up but good and then take questions about it, I’m sure you know what’s coming.

There are no qualifiers here: for her and those who have been offended by this, I really do apologize. That was not our intent.

I call bullshit. Here’s how the insult works: 1. Chris Pronger had a bad game 2. He had a bad game because he’s a girl/effeminate 3. Girls/girly-boys are terrible at sports and worthy targets of derision by manly manly sports editors 4. This will offend Pronger and Flyers fans.

I was 12 once, so I remember how that kind of “fun” works. But I don’t remember us kids offering all the, um, qualifiers:

We were just trying to tap into that emotion that is unique to sports, and we were just trying to have some fun in the paper. I don’t think that’s against the law.

Saying it without saying it: if you didn’t find our trashy cover fun, you don’t understand the emotions unique to sports. [Ed. note: I wouldn’t call misogyny unique to sports, but it’s certainly strong] And it’s not like it was illegal or anything. [Ed. note: oh, come on]

And then editor Mike Kellams totally washes his hands of it (their ear for humor may be in question, but Kellams clearly has a gift for condescension):

I don’t suppose this will move anyone on either side to change their minds about the image. . . . Some seem to hate it more than anything in life. Others think it’s funny. I figure most folks don’t care either way. But it’s no more complicated than this: We were just trying to have a little fun. That’s really it. Honest.

We just throw shit out there! Some people think that’s funny! Other people complain about all the shit lying around! (The management bears no responsibility if you have a strong nose for shit.)

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