The George Polk Awards for investigative journalism were announced Tuesday, and one is historic. Long Island University, which administers the awards, has given the Polk Award for legal reporting to a blogger — superblogger really. According to the citation, Joshua Marshall’s Web site,, “led the news media coverage of the politically motivated dismissals of United States attorneys across the country.” Here’s a link that pays proper tribute to the Polk Awards and to Marshall’s trailblazing blogging. 

The Polk Award for consumer reporting goes to the Chicago Tribune for its 2007 series, “Kids at Risk.”  The citation says that the Tribune’s “accounts of children suffering injury and death from exposure to dangerously designed magnetic building sets, lead-tainted toys and defective cribs led to massive product recalls and heightened public awareness of the dangers posed by these widely sold items.” Unfortunately for the reporters involved, the citation didn’t bother to name them. But they include Patricia Callahan, Maurice Possley, Ted Gregory, and Sam Roe.