Credit: Derek Erdman

Apart from open defiance, the second-best way to resist Chicagoans’ pointless prohibition of ketchup on a hot dog is with mockery.

Artist and ninja-level japester Derek Erdman, who recently returned to town after an extended residency at the Stranger in Seattle, posted a good one on Facebook the other day:

Last night on an airplane to Chicago I overheard some guy talking about how much he loved Chicago-style hotdogs. When there was a lull in his dogsplaining I piped up, “They’re great with ketchup!” and he gave me dagger eyes. I wrote down his address from his luggage tag because I’m a total psycho and I’m going to send him one of these very pedestrian joked t-shirts.

And now you can troll the dogsplainers with your very own. Nick “Mayor” Mayor of Logan Square’s Bric-a-Brac Records is printing them up in all sizes and taking preorders at for $20 per, plus shipping. Or you can wait two weeks and buy them in-store at 3650 W. Diversey. Erdman himself is selling 4 x 6 prints for your fridge for $10.

All proceeds benefit promoting a reasonable tolerance for other people’s totally normal eating habits.

Credit: Derek Erdman