Here are two ways of looking at Thursday’s Brexit vote, if you’re wondering what the British people’s unexpected decision to pull out of the European Union augurs for Donald Trump here in America.

As the New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane wrote Friday:

“The gods of disorder and upheaval, in short, enjoyed a busy night. But they were not yet done. In fact, they were just getting started.” Trump is counting on those gods, so the vote is good news for him. Trump happened to be in Scotland Friday touring one of his golf courses, and he was asked about Brexit. It’s a “great thing,” he said. The Brits have “taken back their country.”

On the other hand, as CNN noted, Trump talked for 13 minutes about his golf course, Turnberry, and how fabulous it now is, and didn’t say anything about Brexit until someone asked. And as CNN didn’t note, but should have, Scotland had just voted overwhelmingly for Britain to remain in the EU. 

So Trump’s obliviousness marches on apace with his belligerence, to the distress of voters who don’t worship the gods of disorder and upheaval. I doubt if many of us will be making up our minds at the last minute in November.