Trump can never take away Obama's biggest contribution to history: getting elected to begin with. Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

The media have had a lot to say about the dismantling of the Obama legacy by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress. Either they can and will, or they’ll discover they can’t entirely but they can chainsaw it to bloody bits. Their first order of business seems to be to make the federal government they’re inheriting unrecognizable.

In whatever way this grand plan proceeds, it’s already failed. Everything Trump has done so far as president-elect has only enhanced Obama’s legacy. Obama’s biggest contribution to history remains his first—getting to begin with.

Now history will look back on a black president brimming with intellect and character, as well as a resentful white opposition that despite eight years to find someone who’d do better—someone who’d restore what they believed to be American greatness—elected a man so ignorant and ethically starved that it will seem as if some catastrophe must have occurred, some sudden draining of the conservative white gene pool.

How does the Obama era recede into the insignificance the right wishes for it—or stand as an object lesson in liberal folly—when what comes next makes it look so terrific?