Today, Tucker Carlson launched The Daily Caller, a Web site that has been hailed as the conservative answer to the Huffington Post. Given my peculiar obsessions with Arianna Huffington’s left-leaning political tabloid, I had but one question for Carlson: Will there be nipples?

Last June, I noted the Huffington Post’s regular publication of “nipple slips,” or the accidentally bared nipples of major and minor celebrities. I argued that the promotion of these red-carpet snafus encourages readers to objectify women’s bodies, while denying those women the agency to control their own nipple exposure—and that these non-consensual erotic displays compromised the Huffington Post’s ostensibly progressive bent. (Recall this intensely zoomed-in image of the outer reaches of Beyonce’s areola to reveal the depths of HuffPo’s obsession with accidental nipples).

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