Looks like I hurt Tucker Max’s feelings:

“Max was adamant that he not only doesn’t hate women, he loves them, ‘That’s the question I have constantly asked that the protestors have never addressed, because they can’t: ‘If my art is misogynist and promotes violence against women, then why are half my fans women?’”

Beats me. I can’t understand why women like this sort of thing either. The last line chills me. Usually he couches his behavior by attempting to demonstrate that the person he’s fucking or insulting or whatever wanted to be treated that way (more on that in a second), but the veil really drops when he insults that bartender, who was apparently asking for it by not bringing him a beer fast enough.

Ending the story with “got that, didn’t you bitch?”: if he doesn’t hate women, he has an odd way of showing it. I’ve read that story a few times and I just can’t figure out why anyone would write it unless they hate women, or hate something.

I was discussing this whole thing with a friend of mine over e-mail, so I’m going to reprint my argument below, in which I explain that my real problem with him is that he’s basically Tom Buchanan (sorry, not going to bother putting caps back in or tweaking my mess) – in other words, the nicest thing I can say about Tucker Max is “it’s more complicated than ‘he’s a misogynist, full stop'”: