Keith Olbermann tells the truth about the liars running this country (print or video, you decide).

It’s official: “Hallways and office doors are not ‘free-speech zones'” at Marquette University, at least if you’re a libertarian TA with the gall to quote humorist Dave Barry. Some discussion here.

I don’t hang my clothes out to dry, but I sure wouldn’t want to live somewhere I couldn’t.

Wal-Mart’s fake blog exposed here and discussed here. Warning: these people take PR seriously.

Amanda Marcotte hates rapists, not men.  So if you call her a “man-hater,” what are you saying about men?

Admit it: all your life you’ve wanted to be able to type a sentence and have it instantly illustrated by images from Flickr. (Hat tip to The Generator Blog.)

If not, then you’ve undoubtedly been dying to read a 42-page article (PDF) on the uses and misuses of popular song lyrics in legal writing (Bob Dylan rules), including our own 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ footnote quoting Ludacris in order to clarify the distinction between “hoe” and “ho.”