You have no idea how big Africa is. Strange Maps does, though. 

The hype: Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years, by professional denialists Fred Singer and Denis Avery. The facts: from computational ocean chemist David Archer of the University of Chicago, who attended a lunch talk Avery gave last week that was sponsored by the Heartland Institute. The gist, from Archer’s post at RealClimate: “Most past climate changes, like the glacial interglacial cycle, can be explained based on changes in solar heating and greenhouse gases, but the warming in the last few decades can only be explained as a result of human-released greenhouse gases. Avery was very careful to crop his temperature plots at 1985, rather than show the data to 2005.”

Sam Smith does not mourn for Milton Friedman: “We have paid a terrible price for this corruption of our culture by the new robber barons egged on by Friedman and his ilk. We so accept their foul standards that we don’t even discuss or debate them. We have become prisoners of their lie.” Read the whole thing.

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon has a rhetorical question for those who can’t abide public breast feeding: “What is your fucking problem? Do you like fussy babies disturbing the peace with their crying? There’s a lot of things that a baby stuck to a tit might be, but what she’s definitely not is a crying baby.”