Threadless had a transparently brilliant idea: the 140-character nature of Twitter would make for a great T-shirt, an evolutionary adaptation of the CNN headline t-shirt. I’m a bit underwhelmed with the offerings so far, but you can vote for better ones. Unfortunately some of my very early protest Tweets seem to be inaccessible:

* Twitter: The rollerblading of the Internet

* Twitter: A post-it note being stuck on a human face forever

But I’ve come to love the medium, and as I was trying to prove my contention that Nietzsche’s aphorisms would make for good Tweets, I encountered this (from Ecce Homo), which is too long, but still:

“I shall be asked why I have really narrated all these little things which according to the traditional judgement are matters of indifference: it will be said that in doing so I harm myself all the more if I am destined to fulfil great tasks. Answer: these little things – nutriment, place, climate, recreation, the whole casuistry of selfishness – are beyond all conception of greater importance than anything that has been considered of importance hitherto.”