• Russell Bowman Art Advisory
  • Vivian Maier’s photography is the subject of a South Side Projections event this Saturday.

There are two noteworthy film-related events happening around town this Saturday night. At 8 PM Black Cinema House will host a program called Radical Speculation, a collection of short films on speculative design, critical design, and design fiction. To quote the program notes: “Largely non-commercial, these tendencies question the simplistic emotional and psychological assumptions that underlay normative, mainstream 20th-century design culture. Increasingly, speculative designers use cinematic space as a tool to explore alternate proposals that provoke and engage complexity.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but the shorts sound interesting all the same, particularly those by someone named Noam Toran. His Object for Lonely Men (2011) is evidently about a man constructing “a tray that reflects the physical language” of Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless; and his Desire Management (2006) is “a film comprising five sequences in which objects are used as vehicles for dissident behavior.”