Today is one of those days that can make you question the wisdom of putting down roots in a place that can get this miserably cold. But before you start browsing Craigslist LA for rentals, ask yourself this: Do you really want to live in a city where you can’t see DJ Gant-Man twice in two days? And the answer is of course you don’t, because juke is good and Gant-Man is one of the world’s best at it, contributing to many of the genre’s finer moments.

Tonight he’s spinning at Sonotheque for the Empty Bottle’s End of the World Dance Party with the excellently named Thunderous Olympian and the frequently goofy Murderbot. An e-mail to with the subject line “END OF THE WORLD” gets you in free.

Tomorrow at Smart Bar he’ll be joined by DJs Nehpets and Houz’Mon and Sharp Darts subject Willy Joy for a juke and ghetto-house blowout called Juke What Yo Momma Gave You! It looks to be extremely, extremely bonkers.