I promise that my first visit to NYC hasn’t turned me into a snob, but:

* Cecil Adams has a fascinating look into why the El is so energy-inefficient. Two big reasons: old DC motors and space-deficient cars. It’s obvious from riding the MTA that the cars are much, much bigger than ours, but I had no idea they seated 240 compared to 90 while weighing only 50% more. Fortunately, those problems are being addressed, though the new cars will only hold another 10 or so riders.

* Chicago Food Trucks. I fully support this. I’m also hoping we adopt NYC’s Green Carts program, which was a hot topic at the recent FamilyFarmed expo. Plus, given the seemingly tremendous success (if waits are any indication) of the upscale street food at Paul Kahan’s Big Star and Rick Bayless’s Xoco, it couldn’t be too long into a food-truck explosion until some star restaurateur would give the medium a shot.