• Thousand Robots/Wikimedia Commons

1) On Thu 10/18 at 6 PM, he’s reading (and chatting with Booklist senior editor Donna Seaman) at the Harold Washington Library Center. It’s free and first come first served, but if that doesn’t work for you there’s also the option of dropping a grand to see him the night prior at the Forum, where he’ll be talking to Scott Simon and Walter Isaacson and receiving the Carl Sandburg Literary Award.

2) A short profile of Bill Murray in this week’s New York is so weird that it’s almost like reading White Noise or something:

The studio rep hovered near me, indicating it was time to leave. I began my exit, but Murray motioned for me to stay. “There’s a little hysteria,” he said, then continued packing very slowly.

He offered me another giant glass bottle of water. “It’s a really cool bottle.” It was enormous, with a half-inch-thick rim, and I had come by bike. I should have taken it. Instead, I remarked that it was extremely heavy. “Well, it’s full of water,” he said and smiled. “That’s where almost all the weight comes from.”

Read it here.