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Every year the programmers at WHPK, University of Chicago’s community radio station, organize the Summer Breeze fest and manage to pack it full of amazing, oddball rock and punk acts. This year’s festival is no exception, and it’s happening this Sat 5/18 at noon.

The lineup features two local bands—hardcore punks Ooze and Geronimo!, who play catchy indie pop—but the real highlights are the excellent out-of-towners. The festival is headlined by off-kilter Detroit garage-skronk group Tyvek, who are also playing Friday night at HoZac’s Blackout. Also playing is Louisville-based noisy postpunk band Anwar Sadat and catchy Austin garage punks Dikes of Holland. The real highlight of the fest is the return of Austin’s Spray Paint, a noise-rock trio featuring Chris Stephens from Dikes of Holland on drums that I can’t stop raving about. Their self-titled LP on SS Records—a damaged, bizarre mess of sing-speak and detuned guitars—is in the running for record of the year, and somehow seems to get better with every spin.

Complete information for the fest, including the full lineup, is after the jump. Each band name is linked to a page where you can listen to their music for free, so you know what you’re getting into.