Where taxi drivers see a problem, Uber sees an opportunity. The rideshare behemoth encouraged its Chicago drivers to take advantage of a planned taxi strike Thursday.

“Thousands of Chicagoans will be looking for a ride to work, so We Need YOU to help us move Chicago,” Uber Chicago general manager Chris Taylor wrote in an e-mail Thursday. “It’s going to be a busy day on the road!”

United Taxidrivers Community Council called for a citywide taxi strike to take place Thursday to protest Mayor Emanuel’s plan to allow Uber and other rideshare services to pick up at the last bastions of sacred cabbie ground: the airports and McCormick Place. The advocacy group says that cabs have already lost 30 to 40 percent of their business to rideshare.

The strike was billed “A Day Without A Cab Driver.” But that doesn’t include Uber, natch.

Taylor told Uber drivers they could earn extra money by referring new drivers Thursday, and sweetened the deal with free coffee and doughnuts. (Apparently, Uber runs on Dunkin’ too.)

We’ve reached out to Uber for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

Read Taylor’s full e-mail here: