• Ultrademon, right, back when seapunk broke

These days handheld video cameras and DSLRs can capture high-quality images at increasingly affordable prices, which means, among other things, that there’s constantly a glut of new DIY music videos flooding the ‘net. While many of these clips are visually crisp and clean, their content isn’t compelling—it takes a great idea to make an impression through all the noise. Recently, a couple Chicago musicians dropped videos that stuck with me all through the week, and I imagine I’ll keep returning to them as the months pass.

On Monday seapunk figurehead Ultrademon let loose the visuals for “Automatic,” a song he made with local rapper ShowYouSuck (the tune appears on the Japanese version of Ultrademon’s album Seapunk). Reader contributor Todd Diederich made the video with Ellie Perkins (under the name Zeolas Friend), and the dark, psychedelic patterns that fill the clip reflect the colorful sound of Ultrademon’s song. A couple days after “Automatic” came out, Outsiders clique member Wteve Baker released a fairly warped video for his song “Tree Haus.” Baker’s clip offers a raw and intimate look at an abandoned trailer in disarray, and it’s a jarring experience when you take the backstory into consideration—according to Fake Shore Drive, the video was filmed in a trailer where Baker’s grandfather had been murdered just a couple weeks beforehand. “Tree Haus” is as engrossing and strange as “Automatic,” but for entirely different reasons. Take a peek at both videos below.