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Umberto Eco appears for the Chicago Humanities Festival to talk about his latest novel, The Prague Cemetery. That should be fascinating. It’s on Sunday at 3 PM. I have a ticket.

The Chicago Bears (5-3) play the division rival Detroit Lions (6-2) on Sunday too. That could be good too. Might have playoff implications. The game starts at 3:15.

Hmm, what to do?

Eco was here in Chicago about five years ago, when his novel The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana came out. Really entertaining talk. Someone asked him what he was currently reading. “You won’t believe it,” he said. “Don Quixote!”

Five years ago the Bears were NFC champions. Coincidence?

Here’s the plan: I’ll go see Eco at 3, then split after his talk to catch the end of the Bears-Detroit game.

The middle way is always the best.