The Ume CD sat on my desk for at least a week before I put it on, mostly because it’s called Urgent Sea — I can get down with a lot of bad puns and whatever, but I have a hard time finding the will to cosign on something that cheesy. But it took about 1.5 seconds of listening to the record for me to regret wasting all of that time. The songs are better than OK, but most of the band’s goodness comes from front woman Lauren Langner Larson, with her space-epic guitar wail, feral-sexy vocals, and pleasingly alliterative name. Her singing is a Kim Gordon “Drunken Butterfly” growl-slash-whisper, but her guitar playing is all Lee and Thurston. She dresses like a Gap regular and shreds like a cock-rock dude with very specific body-image issues. I’m probably skipping the Black Angels at the Bottle on Sunday night to head up to the Beat Kitchen to see them. I’m hoping that unlike the Lindsey Buckingham show there will be no embarrassing poetry recitation and shitty-sounding dad rock to drive me out of the room after four songs.