• Kids just want to have . . . fun?

Youth is wasted on the young, especially on MTV’s four-episode-old skipping stone toward #YOLO relevance, Underemployed. If I’m reading the scheduling and ratings info right, the cast and crew of the show have about two weeks until they find themselves . . . underemployed!

Until Tuesday, MTV had shown a repeat of each new episode of Underemployed right after it premiered. Not so this week—it preferred a days-old rerun of Jersey Shore in the 10 PM Central time slot, followed by another episode of the reality show. The show’s ratings pointed out why: Underemployed pulled an audience of just 400,000 people for its third episode, down from 650,000 for the first two. The third episode of I Just Want My Pants Back, Underemployed‘s conceptual and generational predecessor on MTV, pulled a much healthier 1.88 million, and even that show got canceled. That spells trouble with a capital “WTF.”