• Whither the bro code?

What does it mean to follow the bro code? Is it a collection of arcane practices meant to train like-minded Natty Ice devotees into powerful warriors? Is it a clandestine map to an El Dorado of riches built in a jungle by Dave Matthews? Does it have something to do with keeping down hos to protect other bros? This was the question facing five reasonably employed Chicago twentysomethings on Tuesday’s episode of Underemployed, MTV’s ongoing flirtation with post-teen market research. They learn bro code, they violate bro code, they apply bro code to the heedlessly chauvinistic workplace—and this being MTV, they learn all about the subject through sex.

Former lover-bros Lou and Raviva seem happily settled into their new roles as parents after last week‘s slapstick adjustment period, but their quiet contemplation of life’s awesome mystery is interrupted by groans from the sex their roommate Miles is having the room over—apparently the sixth time since last night (which, ʘ__ʘ). Kind of pissed that his daughter isn’t growing up in a proper and nurturing environment in this radical loft, Lou decides to take matters into his own hands and knocks on Miles’s door. Why he expected anything other than midcoitus embarrassment from two people loudly smushing not two seconds before intruding I don’t know, but he manages to turn get the volume turned down a bit. He also manages to catch a glimpse of Miles’s date’s nipple. Party foul!