• Black wrap by Illinois Institute of Art student Nicole Paprosky

Illinois Institute of Art students Aris Sergakis and Carmen McGhee were frustrated at the “cliches of the catwalk” in the Chicago fashion scene. “The kind of fashion shows we have here are caricatures, an idea of what fashion is supposed to be—exaggerated poses, bad photography,” says Sergakis. Seeking to bring a stripped-down, “sincere approach” to promoting student talent, they’re putting on their own fashion event and runway show, Unearthed, which will feature work by 15 student designers, refashioned vintage garments, and an art gallery with pieces by local artists. Sergakis says the event will also highlight more innovative and experimental designs, which he thinks are given short shrift due to the city’s sartorially conservative nature. “We have nice clothing here, but it’s never been that innovative or forward-thinking,” he says. “We hope this will put us in the right direction.”

“Unearthed” happens Saturday at No Nation Gallery, 1542 N. Milwaukee. Doors open at 7 PM and there’s a suggested donation of $3.