I just listened to the new Marilyn Manson leak–OK, most of it–over at Stereogum, and I have to agree with their assessment that “Heart Shaped Glasses” sounds more than a little like the Killers circa 2004. But listen to the bass line and you can hear that Trent Reznor isn’t the only old-timey gloom rocker biting the DFA. And there’s something about the cadence and delivery of the vocals–and even the lyrics, a little–that suggests some exposure to Craig Finn and the Hold Steady. In fact the whole thing sounds like the work of someone with more than a passing acquaintance with exactly the type of music that Stereogum normally covers, which leads me to wonder: is Marilyn Manson into blog rock? And if so, can we expect more indie sounds from his upcoming Eat Me, Drink Me?  Given that the tentative track listing includes songs called “Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery” and “If I Was Your Vampire” I’m not going to bet on it. But I can’t stop thinking about what a Marilyn Manson cover of “Young Folks” might sound like. Can make that happen. Are Internet petitions legally binding in California?

Also, did you know Lil Jon is way into hockey? Like, so way into it that he’s blogging the NHL playoffs for NHL.com? I don’t care about hockey, so I’m not actually reading his blog, but whoever came up with the idea of posing Lil Jon with the Stanley Cup strapped into his passenger seat is a MacArthur-level genius.