So saith Lisa Madigan: “Such a motion is untested in the state’s history.” Presser at 11:15.

Update: Live stream (might only work on Windows Media Player, YMMV).

Update II: Ok, WMP isn’t working but VLC player is, because VLC is the best. Seriously, you should use VLC.

Update III: Not a lot of arguments from Madigan, but the most compelling basis for keeping Blago from doing his business seems to be on the basis of his alleged unwillingness to disperse funds to state agencies and/or recipients of state funds without pay-for-play.

Update IV: The allegations that Blago tried to shake down Children’s Memorial Hospital being the primary one.

Update V: AG: The term disability, legally, is very broad. Read the briefings.

Update VI: According to Madigan, the rules they’re working under have been used in redistricting cases? Something to look into. Sorry if I’m just taking notes here.

Update VII: Live stream broke. Catching up. 21st century FAIL. Broadcast analog TV FTW.

Update IIX: Abner Mikva: Impeachment or resignation would trump the state SC.

Update IX: AG: We’re seeking temporary removal from the SC, anything else up to the legislature and/or Blago. Probably ok for Blago to keep getting paid, though.

Update X: AG: Legislature going to try to change the law on Monday to have special election for Obama’s seat. [IIRC polls support this.]

Update XI: TRO specifically meant to keep him from finance authority, toll authority, Senate seat appt. Not a physical restraining order per se.

Update XII: Rule 382 used in redistricting cases, 1970 constitution (got me), not previously in this circumstance.

Update XIII: AG: Pat Quinn should take over. I think the legislature should move forward w/ impeachment proceedings.

Update XIV: DON’T ASK ABOUT DAD. She won’t answer. And we’re done.

Rule 382: Capitol Fax has a roundup. Here’s Rule 382. Empoyed in Cole-Randazzo v. Ryan, 2001.