I don’t do this often enough, so I sure appreciate it when someone else does a careful analysis of a highly publicized debate. The Progressive Policy Institute takes apart President Bush’s case for vetoing reauthorization of the States Children’s Health Insurance Program.

He said it “expands coverage, federal coverage up to families earning $83,000 a year.”

DLC: “This statement is incorrect in just about every way possible, but a lie must be deliberate. Before rendering judgment, let’s consider the facts.”

Read the whole thing, it’s not long. One key point: “although SCHIP is indeed run by state governments, that fact alone does not associate SCHIP with government-run health care — a system with government insurance or government-set price controls. The vast majority of children in SCHIP are enrolled in private managed care plans. Indeed, the health insurance industry supports the SCHIP bill.”

These are distinctions lost on headline writers and TV watchers — even though the charge is known to be false by anyone who’s looked at it, most people don’t have time to look. Kudos to Republican senators Roberts, Grassley, and Hatch for trying to hold their president to a minimal standard of honesty.