Several years ago, local musician Chris Hansen (Pinebender, Head of Skulls) started experiencing numbness in his left leg, followed by shooting pains. Concerned, he went  to have it checked out. Doctors told him he might have MS or a tumor, and he underwent various tests, including an MRI. Nothing, and yet still the pains persisted. Eventually he ended up in the office of a neurologist, who ordered him to do knee bends and ran an ice cube up and down his leg. The final diagnosis? “Your pants are too tight.” 

Turns out skinny, tight jeans are causing an epidemic of the same type of nerve irritation that afflicted Hansen. It happens when there is too much sustained pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and can also cause tingling or burning sensations. Heels only exacerbate the problem. The cure? Roomier pants. Maybe that’s why harem pants are back.

UPDATE: I should also mention that skinny jeans may also damage your sense of style. Hansen also told me he was banned from wearing belts, so he relies on suspenders to hold up his new roomier pants. Not as amusing: he thinks he might have permanent nerve damage.