After I did a blog post last week on a unicycle I’d noticed locked to a bike rack, I heard from a publicist who had more information about it. Those Altoids-tin pedals are no coincidence: the unicycle is part of a collection of “Altoids-inspired art” (read: ad campaign) that involves an ongoing scavenger hunt in Chicago. You can see the online art gallery here—many of the items are for sale through eBay (the “second Altoids mint” sold for $11). Some of the other items are related to the scavenger hunt—the publicist didn’t want to share too much information since “it’s supposed to be a secret” but did say that there are two other pieces of public art on display and you can find one by clicking on the photo of the unicycle in the gallery, which will take you to a map.

It’s slightly disappointing that the unicycle is part of a corporate marketing campaign, but at least I didn’t waste time waiting around for the owner to show up. It would have been a long wait.