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On Sunday, mobile restaurateur Matt Maroni cedes his kitchen to Lockwood‘s Phillip Foss, another chef who dreams of food trucks. For one day only, Foss and his wife, Kenni, will use Maroni’s north-side Gaztro-Wagon storefront (5973 N. Clark) to test several concepts from their newly formed Foss Family Food Trucks. Homemade doughnuts are for sale from 8 AM on, and a brunch menu served from 10 AM to 2 PM includes the “golden brick”—an “oozing egg in crispy brick pastry”—as well as brioche French toast and a tomato-and-cheese omelet. At 2 PM the Fosses switch to their “Meatyballs Mobile” concept: until 8 PM, the menu consists strictly of meatball sliders and cheese sauce on puffy pan bread. The full menu’s available here, though Foss warns that it’s subject to change.

Maroni, Foss, and others continue to wait on a City Council ordinance that would allow them to prepare fresh food on a licensed truck. Since current law only allows the sale of prepackaged food, that’s what Maroni’s been doing with his “naanwiches.” Updates on the wagon’s are available on his Twitter feed, @wherezthewagon.

UPDATE: via Foss’s twitter feed and the Sun-Times food blog, the chef has just been canned by the powers that be at the Hilton. It’s not a huge shock, as Foss seemed forever at odds with the hotel union and management. He first contemplated starting a food truck last year as he served a suspension for publicly berating a server on his Facebook page.