• Tom Godber/Flickr

Vacations—particularly those to other countries or cultures where the natives are particularly style conscious—present lots of tricky wardrobe challenges, not least a limited amount of space. The goal of all style-aware travelers is to pack a totally workable miniwardrobe into a carry-on. This is hard, but the first step is to make sure that everything you bring should be able to be used in at least two outfits. Resist the urge to bring that red and green printed shirt that only looks good with that one pair of jeans.

The number one piece of vacation wardrobe advice I give is: don’t buy a whole new wardrobe or dress totally differently from the way you normally do. I understand some people want to escape from their normal lives, but you can’t escape you. If you are more of a jeans and a T-shirt type in regular life, most likely you are not going to transform into a person who feels comfortable wearing fetching little printed cotton shift dresses with cardigans in Montreal or Buenos Aires or Shanghai or wherever. Look at what you like to wear most, then choose the most travel-friendly pieces and work from there.