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Over the summer, Rotted Tooth Fest hosted twelve weird acts over two nights during Pitchfork. It was an epic feat for Chicago’s underground weirdo-rock community, and this weekend it looks like it’ll get a run for its money. The festival year closes out this Saturday with Varnish, an event that features almost twice as many acts as Rotted Tooth in half as much time. Varnish kicks off at 3 PM sharp, and features a whopping 19 bands that will perform nonstop late into the night.

The massive lineup includes a handful of bands that appeared at Rotted Tooth (including Oozing Wound and Rectal Hygenics) and a ton of others, both from Chicago and elsewhere. The big draw of the night is a headlining set from Mark Solotroff’s power electronics collective Bloodyminded, who are celebrating the release of the truly upsetting and brutal Within the Walls, their first new record in seven years. Also playing is New York noisecore act Raspberry Bulbs, Andy Ortmann’s confrontational Panicsville project, local powerviolence band Sea of Shit, synth master Neil Jendon, and industrial noise act Alberich. This, of course, is just a small taste of the many, many acts playing this thing.

It costs $20 at the door, $17 in advance (you can buy tickets at Permanent Records or by contacting varnishunderground@gmail.com). Need the exact address? Ask a punk, because I can’t publish that info here. Varnish is also all ages, so you can totally bring your kids to see Climax Denial and Lil Tits.

Varnish’s full lineup and schedule (which they swear they’ll strictly stick to) are after the jump.

Murdered Man: 3-3:15 PM
Plagues: 3:25-3:40 PM
Pazuzu: 3:50-4:05 PM
Plague Mother: 4:15-4:30 PM
Apocalypse Of Death: 4:40-4:55 PM
Sea Of Shit: 5:05-5:20 PM
Neil Jendon: 5:30-5:50 PM
Lil Tits: 6-6:20 PM
Reptile Worship: 6:30-6:50 PM
Forced Into Femininity: 7-7:20 PM
Muck: 7:30-8 PM
Rectal Hygienics: 8-8:25 PM
Deterge: 8:35-8:55 PM
Climax Denial: 9:05-9:30 PM
Oozing Wound: 9:40-10:05 PM
Panicsville: 10:15-10:45 PM
Alberich: 10:55-11:25 PM
Raspberry Bulbs: 11:35 PM-12:15 AM
Bloodyminded: 12:25 AM