As hard as it may be to never mind the glut of music festivals this weekend (West Fest, Ruido Fest, Square Roots Festival, etc), there are still shows happening with three-band bills. And one of them is headlined by local indie-pop fivesome Varsity, who just this last March dropped a self-titled full-length on Indianapolis’s Jurassic Pop, the followup to 2014’s Thanks for Nothing.

The first track from that album to get passed around was also its most immediately catchy. The album’s opener, “Hairpool” features a simple jogging rhythm that provides the foundation for Stephanie Smith’s vocals to flitter along with the sparkling guitar lines. A pitch-perfect single for a new album, really. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, however, is one of the record’s deeper cuts, “Fall Back on the Arrow You Love.” Smith’s vocals ascend and descend and loop around the dreamy, reverb-touched guitar line, just prior to everything breaking down into a stark, driving chorus that leaves plenty of room for her to play with the track’s sugary title on repeat. Not as direct as “Hairpool” but entirely as pleasant. Varsity play the Burlington tomorrow with Keeps and Tuff Slang.