With Thanksgiving on this week’s horizon, most people have meat on the mind, anticipating tables topped with ample portions of oven-roasted birds. But with Reader staff writer Kevin Warwick‘s terrific collaborative guide to vegetarian Chicago, “Eat Your Veggies,” still fresh, we’ve decided to take a different approach.

Throughout this week, Reader staff writers will be contributing long-form writing on all things vegetarian and vegan, at a time when eaters of meatless products tend to be overshadowed. An essay will be appearing on the site every morning at 8 AM CST, with an occasional post appearing on some afternoons. With each entry, links to other essays written for Vegetarian Week will appear at the bottom of the text. So keep your eyes peeled every morning for thoughtful, sundry writing on the nuts and bolts of nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, and oats and grains.