Just when you thought all the bad ideas had migrated to Washington, D.C. . . .

Beginning August 4 – August 31, 2006, young guests will receive one of eight powerful, fun-fueled miniature HUMMER vehicles, with the purchase of a Happy Meal ® or Mighty Kids Meal ®, at participating McDonald’s restaurants, while supplies last.”

Supplies of . . . oil? 

“Always ready for adventure, HUMMER’s iconic vehicle design and unparalleled off-road capabilities spark the imagination of children nationwide. McDonald’s Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal HUMMER line-up features eight dynamic vehicles,  . . . . The Metallic Sand H1 is a free wheeling vehicle with a retractable winch – pull out the winch to watch it retract.  . . .

“McDonald’s guests have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of food choices with their Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals including Apple Dippers (fresh, peeled apple slices) served with low-fat caramel dipping sauce . . .”

The Environmental Working Group and hybridcars.com decided that self-parody is never enough, and promptly teamed up to culture-jam with the parody sign-o-matic website ronaldmchummer.com, where viewers can devise their own appropriate slogan, or vote for their favorite among the 450 or so already on display.

Y’know, this is making me kind of hungry. Would you mind if we swung by . . .?