A couple weeks ago local rapper Vic Mensa and New Jersey producer Clams Casino teamed up to produce a song in two days; the collaboration was streamed live on YouTube, where users could pitch in with ideas in the comments section, and the whole thing was sponsored by HP, which called the event “HP Presents: 2Days Beat.” HP recently dropped the official video for the resulting song/ad (or is it ad/song?), “Egyptian Cotton,” which doesn’t really measure up to either of the artists’ best material. Listening to “Egyptian Cotton” isn’t nearly as engrossing as watching the dudes put the track together was, which is my biggest issue with the song. The actual event, with all its pomp and circumstance and YouTube comments, took precedence over the actual beat-making and it still takes precedence over the completed track, even though “2Days Beat” is all done. The visuals for the video are pretty good—Mensa’s playful dancing is key, because watching Clams stoically stare at his computer doesn’t make for much visually. Check out the video for “Egyptian Cotton” at the top of this post; Mensa plays Reggie’s Rock Club on Saturday to celebrate his recent debut full-length mixtape, Innanetape, which you can stream below.