The degree of success that Odd Future Wolf Gang honcho Tyler the Creator and XL Recordings had in keeping his debut album from leaking is impressive, especially considering the insane hype surrounding Tyler, Goblin, and the entire Odd Future phenomenon. They made it all the way to last Thursday, the day before the album was released in Europe, before a copy turned up on the Pirate Bay. (Goblin comes out tomorrow in the U.S., which makes you wonder why a label with an album on its hands that’s all the Internet can talk about would stagger release dates like that.)

Also impressive: local rapper Vic Spencer has already released a song built on a sample from the Goblin cut “Tron Cat.” The track was actually released Friday, making this one of the quickest leak-to-beat-jacking turnarounds of all time. The idea of a rapper rapping over a beat from an album by another rapper that hasn’t even been released yet is something that would take me a minute to explain to my ten-years-ago self if we ever met and had a conversation about rap music. (Which, now that I think about it, is something we’d almost definitely talk about. That and I’d share some strong words regarding future ex-girlfriends.)

Spencer’s song, “Asshole,” is after the jump.