Earlier this year Films We Like released a two-disc set on the idiosyncratic New York indie Sara Driver, a filmmaking contemporary (and a longtime partner) of Jim Jarmusch who handled production on his early features Permanent Vacation (1980) and Stranger Than Paradise (1984). Driver made her own directing debut with the striking mood piece You Are Not I (1981) and followed it with two surehanded exercises in low-key surrealism, Sleepwalk (1986) and When Pigs Fly (1993). All three movies are included in the set, along with her short video documentary Bowery—Spring, 1994; a 15-minute retrospective interview between Driver and Jonathan Rosenbaum, an early champion of You Are Not I; and, for Clash fans, Jarmusch’s half-hour video of Joe Strummer mixing and laying down vocals for the soundtrack of When Pigs Fly.