It’s 1984 and you’re in charge of launching a brand new home video format, Laserdisc, that’s supposed to compete against a far more widespread technology that has only recently become the established popular standard. You need a spokesperson to make your sales pitch for you in the form of a promotional film to show in home electronics showrooms. Out of sheer desperation, cocaine-based decision making, or–more likely, given that this is 1984–a combination of both, you decide to hire a group of sarcastic avant garde types who will sneer their way through the presentation while wearing masks that make them look like radioactive mutants. For good measure, you decide to recruit one of the world’s most famous blind men to make a cameo where he makes blind jokes.

This, I believe, is the only explanation behind “1984 Pioneer Laserdisc demo with Devo” over at Google Video, featuring guest star Ray Charles. 


Via the always-brilliant Metafilter.