On her ChicagoNow blog One Story Up (my favorite in the nascent CN network), Megan Cottrell has the Dickensianly* tragic story of three orphans who are about to be booted out of their recently deceased mother’s subsidized apartment, even though there’s a legal and commonsensical basis for them to stay. Read it, it’s exemplary activist journalism.

Anyway, there’s also a vigil tonight at their Rogers Park apartment at 8:30.

Speaking of activist journalism: keep sending your tips to Progress Illinois’s budget cut tracker. It’s a great resource.

Speaking of ChicagoNow: journalists and freelancers should really be reading Chicago Bar-tender. It’s a convenient roundup of interesting lawsuits, and I would guess that digging into some of the more intriguing ones (like the 93-year-old pastor trying to take over a church) could result in the kind of tremendously awesome legal feature stories that Grant Pick (more; yet more; an amazing one; see how this works?) and Neal Pollack did for the Reader.

*Thanks to The Wire this concept has been overused in recent years, but, seriously.